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New Horizons...

New Horizons ... Almost anywhere in the world It is important enough to be called sacred and every time a table is set in the mood of a ceremony ... Apart from eating as a family in us Turks, the table itself is primarily sacred. People say When they pass, we call it “Blessing.. We know how he cooked, how he got to our kitchens. The love of cooking ... The recipe of our dishes is not so easy. You use the same ingredients, you cook under the same conditions, but the flavor varies. Even if some say the taste of your hand passes, what we call hand flavor is actually love, while cooking, is more importantly respect for the blessing, the table, the family ... Respectfully “no waste” is the starting point of our promise. We are; At AMBOSS, this is where we make our difference. We respect ... To our work, to our workers, to the labor given, to the tables established with our products, food cooked with our products, every penny you pay us ... We respect! Because respect; the existence of the family which is the smallest building block of the society, achieving success, reconciliation in the largest societies, we believe that happiness is the key to living together. We have been with you with this understanding in your kitchens and tables since 1970 ... Years later, in addition to our Mimar Sinan Group brand, In this new journey we started with AMBOSS brand, we will continue to new horizons without compromising our “respect” based understanding.