Amboss Horeca

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A dedicated team that appreciates production...
A century-old brand and an exiting start.

Dating back to late 1800s, Amboss is a brand born in Austria.
Ever remembered with its designs and high quality around the world and in Turkey,
Amboss is  named after “anvil” on which metal works are hammered and formed.

Today: The family of Baydur that brings the brand Amboss and its brand new products to you once again
has been manufacturing steel kitchenware since 1970 and it has always delivered services with the principles of quality,
aesthetics, consistency and customer satisfaction and created values to be passed down form generation to generation.

A specialized professional staff has been created with a half-century experience and an excitement inspired
by a brand such as Amboss. The brand Amboss is at your service with its new perspective and redesigned products…