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Stainless Steel User’s Manual and Certificate of Warranty


The service life of Amboss Stainless Steel Cutlery sets is 100 years, if used in accordance with the specified conditions of use.

We wish you enjoy them on happy days for many years...


How To Use

  • Wash Amboss Cutlery products with dishwashing liquid and hot water before initial use. Do not use chemicals with high acid content, such as bleach, vinegar, etc.
  • Wipe the products with a soft cloth after each wash to prevent the formation of stains which may result from calcium and minerals in water.
  • Wash the product immediately after use. If not washed for a long time, the products may discolour locally on steel parts due to the acids contained in food and drink residues.
  • All Amboss Cutlery products can be washed in dishwasher. While gold and silver plated metal products can be washed in delicate washing programmes of dishwashers, we recommend hand wash in order to prolong the service life of the products further.

In dishwashing;

  • Electrical leakage may short out and cause deformation the surface of products. Get a licenced electrician to connect earth line for your dishwasher to prevent potential risks.
  • Get the salt setting of your machine adjusted according to the calcium density of the water you use.
  • Do not forget to put polisher in your machine.
  • Wash any food and drink residues off the products with running water before placing them in your machine.

In hand washing;

  • Never use metal wire or brush when cleaning the Cutlery. If used, brush and wire will cause scratches on the steel parts.
  • Use proper detergent and soft sponge.
  • The calcium and residues in water particles may leave stains on the products. We recommend not to leave the products wet and to wipe them immediately.
  • Do not put heavy items on the Amboss products to prevent shocks, crushes and scratches during handling and storage.

Scope Of Warranty

  1. The warranty period for Ambos Cutlery products is 2 years. Guarantee period begins upon the delivery of the products.
  2. If the products break down within the guarantee period, guarantee period will be extended for as long as the time spent in repair. Time to repair the product is 30 business days maximum. This period will begin on the date when the product is reported to the service station or to the manufacturer if a service station is not available.
  3. If the product breaks down due to material defects within the guarantee period, it will be repaired free of charge.
  4. If it is found out that the product cannot be used permanently, the maximum time to repair is exceeded or it is discovered that the product is beyond repair upon a report to be issued by any of the seller, dealer, agency, distributor or importer respectively if a service station is not available just because the product repeats the same problem more than twice or 4 different problems occur in that year within the guarantee period as from the delivery of the product, then the product will be replaced free of charge.
  5. The guarantee will not cover the failures caused by improper use of the product in defiance of the conditions set out in the user manual.
  6. The consumers may file their cases about their complaints and objections to consumer courts and consumer arbitration committee.
  7. If the product is found to be defective, the consumer may exercise any of the following rights as per the Article #11 of the law no: 6502:
    • Cancel the agreement notifying that he/she is prepared to return the sold item,​​
    • Request that the sold item be repaired free of charge at the seller’s cost, unless an exorbitant expense is required,
    • Request that the defective product sold be replaced with a fungible one, if applicable. The seller shall be liable to fulfil such request of the consumer as he/she preferes.

What Is Not Covered By The Guarantee?

  1. Tarnishing and rusting caused by cleaning or boiling the products in salt water, bleach, vinegar or acid substances.
  2. Scouring the products with hard materials, as they can scratch the stainless products.
  3. Using the product for other than the intended use such as (Opening a can with a knife, etc.) and all defects caused by the user’s fault.
  4. Direct contact of the products with fire.
  5. Any defects which may be caused if the user manual is not observed.
  6. Washing the gold and silver plated products in dishwasher in other than delicate program.
  7. Deformation and discolouring formed on surface plating of gold and silver plated products due to improper environment and usage conditions.
  8. Using the products in microwave oven.
  9. Not submitting the invoice or the copy of this certificate in full or legibly to the authorised service during application for a repair under guarantee.
  10. Prior to application for a repair under guarantee, Amboss may request a fee for defects caused by any repair or modification carried out by anyone other than the Amboss authorized stuff or authorized service personnel.

Return Period

Return period is one month legally as from the date of invoice. Any product not submitted with an invoice and/or receipt along with a warranty certificate not stamped and dated by the Dealer/Seller, indicating the product and model, is not covered by the guarantee.